Tomales Point Trail


At the recommendation of my coworker Ziran, some of my housemates and I did a day trip to explore the Tomales Point Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore a couple of weeks ago. It was an otherworldly sort of beautiful – rolling green hills, bumpy narrow roads, the ocean crashing onto bright beaches and steep cliffs. And we saw California quail and tule elk!

Here’s a timelapse I made at our turnaround point, where we stopped and watched the sunset.

And here are a few more photos.

Bonus: We found a lost cat named Griffin in the trailhead parking lot when we got back to the car and were able to get him back to his owner! The back seat of my car smells a little like tuna now but it was totally worth it. His owner said he’d been lost out there for a week…

Carbon emissions: 200 miles @ 38.9 MPG, assuming 10.7 kg CO2e well-to-wheels emissions per U.S. gallon of gasoline (ref) = 55 kg CO2e. Divided among four people is ~14 kg CO2e per person.

Still trying to figure out where I want my photos to live on the internet. It used to be Facebook, and then I had a photo albums website running for a while on this domain, and then I tried Instagram for a bit before moving to another website on this domain built off Koken. But I’m no longer using Lightroom and not super interested in maintaining a photo feed, so maybe I’ll just post pictures on this blog going forward. We’ll see.