Freakonomics Radio on the monopoly of Google


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about how it feels increasingly difficult to find quality information on the Internet. Today, I was listening to KQED (our local public radio station) in the car, and there was a great Freakonomics Radio episode on about this very topic and the monopoly that Google has on search. I highly recommend listening.

You can find it here:

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one thinking about this, even if it means that I’m not ahead of the curve at all!

Relatedly, I’ve been using Kagi for the past couple weeks and have been finding it to be pretty good! It’s not always perfect, but it seems to generally give me noticeably better results than Google or DuckDuckGo, and so I think it’s worth the $10 per month. Kagi wasn’t mentioned in the Freakonomics Radio episode, but they did mention Neeva, a similar upstart search engine.