First roll of Portra 400


I got my scans back yesterday! I shot this roll of Portra 400 over the holiday break and into the first week of 2023. Here are a few photos.

Driving on I-5, one southbound, the other on my way back north. I-5 has lots of nice warm golden colors this time of year (when it’s not too smoggy) that I tried to capture. A lot of the pictures on this roll, including these, were shot with +1 EV of overexposure.

My friend Corey and I were replacing the lower control arms on my dad’s Forester when one of his neighbors in the office complex pulled out this sweet replica DTM Mercedes 190E to idle for a bit. It was very dark, so I wasn’t sure how this photo would turn out. I think I tried to spot meter a few of the shadow areas at -3 EV or so. There’s a little bit of camera shake, but it came out a lot better than I hoped. Maybe I could actually have underexposed a little bit more? I’m not sure how dense this negative is, as I haven’t picked them up yet.

A couple of photos from a walk around the neighborhood after some rain.

The view from our local “top of the world” on a crisp clear December afternoon between rainstorms.

Driving across the Bay Bridge into the city on a rainy evening. I love the way that car taillights look in the blue of a rainy morning or evening, and I think I managed to get a little bit of that here.

Last one, a picture of me taken by Sharlene on a cloudy day at Dolores Park.