Some film shots from a weekend in Yosemite


All shot on Portra 400 with the same Canon Rebel G and 50 mm f/1.8 that I’ve been using recently. Thanks Nathan for organizing this trip!

I’m starting to wonder about getting a scanner to do my own film scans, in order to have more control over the scanning process… The lab scans of photos taken in nice, even lighting conditions (like the ones above) turn out great, but those of photos taken in weirder lighting conditions tend to be harsher and more overexposed than I’d like.

For example, the photo below feels too bright to me, with really harsh highlights that I can’t really recover or soften by editing the JPEG. Maybe it’s just a bad photo, but I suspect all the information is there in the negative, and I wonder how different it might look if I were to scan it and edit it myself.

I don’t know if I’m ready to jump down this rabbit hole yet, but it beckons.