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Here are some photo-focused posts, but my photos are also scattered throughout the other pages on this site.

Recently, I’ve been trying out 35mm film photography:

Some older assorted photo posts:

I have an old photo site at It contains selections from Jan 2014 – Feb 2021.

Collecting Music

I’m starting a music collection! More to come…

Cycling and Running

I’ve always been into cycling, though I haven’t written much about it on this site. In 2023, I got into running a bit. If you know me IRL, you can find me on Strava here!


The car experiences closest to my heart:

Other thoughts and notes about cars:


Some assorted thoughts about our tech world.


Housing, Living, and Miscellaneous

This Website

Undergrad Projects

Projects and writeups from my time at MIT.

I still need to migrate the below projects over from the previous iteration of this website. Drop me a note if you really want to see any of these and I’ll prioritize it:

Older Projects